I imagined myself singing…

As a result of doing so, I got to enjoy that wonderful sensation that is relieved by Imodium.  This is what my singing does…so it is good for something.  The thing is I can play instruments but as far as my voice goes, what I hear internally has nothing to do with the sound that comes out of my mouth.

So I don’t sing.

I used to whistle, loudly and enthusiastically, my favorite Glen Miller songs or various classical pieces until that fateful day when a molar that had a shoddy root canal done had to be removed.  I did mention this to the oral surgeon that did the extraction, but he responded as did anyone, with a little laugh.  I found this activity quite soothing and I have lured more than one unsuspecting senior to the window of my cab only to be disappointed that I was not their age.  Moonlight Serenade is one of my favorites and also seemed to have the biggest draw.  It was always the same, senior approaches the window with a big smile only to have it drop once they saw I was the one whistling a song that brought back fond memories to them.  To have the soundstage suddenly and forever altered was not a joyful thing at all.  I miss being able to do this.


So, I bring up singing because we expect some on tomorrow’s show.  Here is the link.

The time is approaching for guitar lessons, isn’t it about time I learned to play the things hanging on my bedroom wall?

Time to sign off,


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