The wind is still howling

There were 70 km/h gusts today, and snow squalls up north.  Those are nasty.

So we are now snow covered.  Not too much, just enough to know its winter.  If it’s going to be this cold there might as well be some snow around.

I had ordered a case of Tapatio sauce, the price was right and I sure go through it fast enough.  Too bad you can no longer get eggnog, I’m missing that already.

So it seems that Microsoft doesn’t really like windows 8 either since they have ended support for it.  To be fair, they have given windows 10 away to windows 7 users and above.  I have not upgraded yet, I really do like 7 the way it is.

I am now reminded that I still have to clone my hard drive and replace it with a new one.  The longer I wait the greater the risk of data loss.  I hope I get to it soon, it should be a relatively painless process thanks to Linux system on a disk.  I just need to ensure I have the right program to do the job.

It is definitely thermal underwear weather here in Toronto, keep warm if required.  If you are too hot right now, call the fire department and ask them to open the hydrant on your street so you can run naked through it.  They say it doesn’t hurt to ask…



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