Dem cookies was good…

Now, however, the sugar crash is making it difficult to stay awake.

Sara likes to keep the tv on for background noise.  It is right beside me and over these past months I have seen the insides of many beasts.  The channel has been changed, though, so now we are looking at the insides of mechanical beasts.  One must be careful of Vikings on this channel, but otherwise, it’s pretty safe.

My friend Stefan from Austria posted a video he made a while back on Facebook, and it has made me hungry despite the cookies.  Here it is.

I am now eating…something…there is cheese, mayo, rice and chicken…various spices…it will do.

Stefan has visited us several times on the show, he is an awesome guy.  I met him through Mark ( . Also awesome.

Vacation is hard work, and it’s time for bed….for me, for Sara it’s time for Jimmy Fallon.  I like that guy’s humor but bed is calling for the third time today.



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