Wednesday means it’s that time again.

Time for episode three of Japan Business Time.  Here it is.

Sara got some helpful information with regards to getting her driver’s licence switched over to an Ontario one.  There were many transfers but she got the answer she was looking for, and hopefully, the correct document is on the way from the states.

Another friend of mine is working on his third book, which I look forward to reading.  I have his first two.  I was also mentioned in the acknowledgements of both books, this caused feelings of gratitiude.  The friend I am referring to is Dr. Michael Gillan Peckitt. I look forward to meeting him in person (this requires a trip to Japan, a very pleasurable thing) sooner rather than later.

It is getting late, and I was distracted attempting to leave a comment on another blog post.  I kept writing lenghty rambling comments…it took four times to leave just four sentences.  Time to wind down.



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