It’s showtime tomorrow.

Of course, it is every week on Saturday at 7 am eastern, 9 pm JST.  I am referring to the Three Old Dudes show in order to justify placing a link to the upcoming broadcast just below this sentence.

I was watching some Rally highlights on YouTube this afternoon, WRC is a favorite motorsport of mine.  Here is the video I was looking at.

I love that thumbnail, the Polo flying through the air, which also happens to have a great deal of travel in its suspension.

Tomorrow after the show(s) Sara and I are going to Casino Rama to see a show called Drum Tao: The Martial Art of Drumming.  We were invited to this by my friend Catherine.  This will be the first time for her to meet Sara.  Catherine was also wanting to visit Japan with us, and that may yet happen in the future, for Catherine is a Japanese Canadian who has never been to Japan.

It has been a quiet week here, and that’s okay once in a while.  I’m not ready to retire yet that’s for sure.

There are a few areas on social media that I really haven’t done much with, Empire Avenue is one of them.  I haven’t even set up a mission for someone to go watch one of my videos.  Of course, I need to actually make videos.  The show is a separate entity from my personal channel.

It is time to sign off for today,

Catch you on the flipside.


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.




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