Kevin has a new page…

Kevin O’Shea is a friend of the Three Old Dudes.  He is also a fellow Canadian.  Kevin teaches English in Japan but also does podcasts about life in Japan.  Go listen to Kevin.  It’s here on WordPress even, it couldn’t get any easier.

Okay, I have had enough of this Bill character too, but this is how the words flowed out this evening.  I have already written several book like comments on Facebook so I thought that I better switch to this before I run out of steam.

It’s time for something completely different from the videos I usually post, although I consider this sharing my friends with you (I can only make the introduction what you do with that is up to you) there is something I haven’t been sharing directly.  Hikosaemon also creates music.  Here is a track where he collaborated with Jas Mace ( to create a nice mellow jazzy hip hop tune.  ( .  These are links worth clicking on, in my opinion anyhow, and since this is my blog my opinion seems to have a wee bit of pull here. Just a wee bit.

I am going to share a video, and in this video there is a car and snow, not always the best combination unless you drive in the WRC.

I really like the front end of the car above, not quite as much as a similar vintage Toyota Crown, but as I have said in a previous Google Plus post…it makes me moist.  Make of that bit of humor what you will.

Can you tell I am, for whatever reason, in a bit of a mood tonight?  I am feeling in the mood to put a whoopie cushion on the Throne of England and I don’t know why.  These feelings in my experience should not be questioned, just enjoyed as they can be few and far between.

Damn, I just wrote another book like comment in a facebook message…I’m on fricken fire here…and it’s time to go to bed already…bollocks!



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