One more time…

Last night I had the coolest dream…but it was interrupted twice by Sara waking me up to tell me I’m snoring…and after the last time, the dream did not return.  Hikosaemon was in the dream, a Hotel owner in an area of the earth that was soon to be under water.  The Hotel had been closed for many years, but it at one time was the best place to be for funky jazzy soul live music.  Fans rallied to bring it back to life for one more party before it was abandoned totally.  Hiko even had to impersonate a local tribal chief to persuade officials that it would be safe for one more time…but the party never started…because I was snoring…Dammit!  Fortunately, Hiko regularly makes new music so not all is lost.

I also discovered last week that I am able to wake myself up from a nightmare.  I produced a sound, not unlike those loud fire alarms, which not only woke me up but drew harsh criticism from Sara…so I used it on her to wake her from her nap…you should have seen how quickly her eyes popped open.  Ah, the things you learn as you get older.

One more thing for the night before I turn in, today was episode four of Japan Business time.  Here it is.



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I am serious about my weekly therapy.






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