The yardstick changes…

As you get older, say Sara.  She was sitting in the same position for a few hours and when she got up her knee was sore.  Sara confirms she is definitely getting older…but she is just starting to exercise and this will make a big difference in how she feels.

I have still shied away from the Bowflex, preferring isometrics still.  I need to become used to exercising in the afternoon as opposed to first thing in the morning.

No interesting dreams to report today, I don’t get that kind too often, dreams that are both interesting and stay in my memory after I wake up.  We will see what tonight brings.

My good friend Simon turned 5o today, and I am not that far behind.  Now two of the three old dudes have reached the half century mark.  I don’t remember if I shared his latest video from his recent trip to Japan here, so I will do it now.

I really enjoyed this one, and knowing most of the people he met up with is a bonus.

I think that’s about it unless you want me to talk about how I feel about my car…which experience tells me you don’t, so I will spare you that…this time.

Time to at least consider retiring for the evening,


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