Tuna and mayo

A default snack when I’m hungry…with Tapatio sauce for extra flavor.  I am thinking that as soon as I finish writing this whatever I’m going to eat will include Tapatio sauce.

I first heard of this sauce from Tino (www.youtube.com/user/mexicansamurai100 and http://www.youtube.com/user/Kyushudanji100). Tino runs his own English school in Kyushu, Japan, and he runs it very well.  I will share with you the end of year presentation.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t introduced you to Tino yet, but my memory is hazy in this area. He sure has some awesome stories on his channel be sure to check it out, with the majority of these stories being on the Mexicansamurai100 channel.

Tino and family are among the people we hope to meet up with during the next visit to Japan.

The sun is bright in the sky today, and I feel it’s warmth as I type since I face west.  It’s what I would call a crispy day.  I’m going to try and sneak in a nap as well…I had better make sure everything is ready for tomorrow’s show.

Ah yes, the show.  This week we will attempt to play Pretend You’re Xyzzy during the show.  This game is not safe for work or fragile souls, so this week you will need to be 18 and logged in to watch.  Here is the link.


May your popcorn never be burnt.


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