Plenty of Laughs

That’s what the show was, for us playing Pretend You’re Xyzzy.  We will do it again soon. We had a new guest on the show, Taz.  He joined Mel, Shaun, and later Andy.  Taz had heard about the game but never tried it.

The aftershow was long lasting and quite enjoyable.  There was no 2.5 Oyajis so we were on until almost noon my time.

Saturday was fairly quiet otherwise, with a good solid nap after the hangout.

Tomorrow is once again time for Tokyo Tonight, and perhaps a new friend named Gabrielle will join Shaun and I in the off air hangout we do…perhaps even Simon if he isn’t busy.

Meanwhile, in Kyushu the ‘little truck that could’ helped out a transport truck in need. The Video link is here.


That is a great deal of snow for Kyushu for sure.

The topics are on Flipboard for Tokyo Tonight, right here.

Remember it starts at 9 am eastern at



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