The nap exploded.

The nap that began at 4 pm ended recently, with a bit of a cold to go with it.

I am going back to bed, but I will pop something up to watch, just a moment.  I know just what to share.  This is episode seven of a series called Henna Gaijin.  There are Stormtroopers in it.  Here you go.

Coincidentally, today February 2nd is the creator of the above video’s Birthday.  Happy Birthday, Allistair!

One more thing, have you ever wondered why dogs like to stick their heads out of the window when in a car driving down the road?  It could be because it’s great fun, as I discovered while in my Cadillac driving down a two lane in an un-named province.  I put my head out the sunroof and caught a gut full of laughter.  I understand now….

Good Night.


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