Still unwell…

The morning started off fine but rapidly went downhill.  I hope tomorrow is better.  After a nap things feel alright but one never knows does one?

I sometimes wonder about Grammarly, I mean I use it (the free version), but what exactly are those errors that the premium version finds?  I prefer to say things the way I want to say them which isn’t always what is currently considered correct.  Does this mean that I need to alter my choice of reading material to catch up to today’s expected grammar?  I wouldn’t hold your breath if I were you.  If today’s current grammar is anything like the new math I wouldn’t thank you for it, at least, based on what I have seen.  This is my opinion of course, and I’m entitled to it ^_^.

Not sure where the above paragraph came from….must be those afternoon naps or something.

So, moving right along, have you seen the new video about Japan?  It’s on a YouTube channel called Bill Wurtz, and it’s called the History of Japan.  I found it entertaining and there are some facts to be learned too.  This video has also racked up 1.425 million views in a day…whoa!…I feel compelled to watch all the videos on this channel now.  Upon closer observation I might unwillingly alter my perspective if I do this, caution is urged says my sub conscience.

I would like to link a friend’s video here, so I will search for one….be right back.  Ah yes, how could I forget…today episode five of Japan Business Time is up, and it’s a great one!

Here you go, knock yourselves out.

That’s it for today, or rather yesterday,

Good Night.


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