A good Saturday

The show this morning started rather slowly, as it sometimes does, but ended up with almost a full house.  The after party led into 2.5 Oyajis which I will link to below.

You can see baby Godzilla in the thumbnail, now a year old.  I left the after party once 2.5 finished and just as I was about to go have a nap Khiry messaged me to ask if there was an after party.  He now has a new laptop and can make new videos again.  He is up for joining tomorrow’s hangout where we watch Tokyo Tonight together.

That dream I had during the nap was very strange, disturbing, and somewhat futuristic in a sci-fi fantasy kind of way.  This is all I really remember about it…the disturbed feeling is still hanging around.

I checked out the 2016 Bathurst 12 hour race which is/was being streamed live on the NISMO TV YouTube channel.  Nice racing action going on there, but it is almost finished.

Hikosaemon released his Flipboard topics for Tokyo Tonight and his Outro track.  I will share both below.  First the topics, https://flipboard.com/@hikosaemon, then the Outro track.

Perhaps I will see some of you in the comments?



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