Is it the season…

Of reminiscing?  It could be, even I have been doing it lately.  Not that I would want to go back mind you, I feel that things now are better with the past behind me.

I thought it would be a good idea to write this before I decide to start napping.

This will just be a quickie, unless I think of something more later and edit it in.

I occasionally get asked about vaping by random strangers, but today it was co-workers.  They both still smoke cigarettes but want to quit.  They have tried vaping but found their experience lacking.

I did at first, but being the curious type as well as getting tired of spending about fourteen dollars a day I persisted.  Progress won the day as vaping technology advanced and continues to advance.

This means a better, safer product at a lower price point.  The difference in prices two years ago and today is unreal, as are the products.  I enjoy doing it, but I enjoy even more the feeling that I can share my experiences using these products to quit tobacco.

In case you haven’t noticed before, I truly enjoy helping people out if I can, even if that means simply listening.  This helps me feel better also so it is a double win.

I will share Sunday’s Tokyo Tonight today, since I missed posting yesterday.

The background music is a little loud at first but it does get adjusted later on.



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