I often lose track of it while puttering around the apartment, especially in the morning.

I think it’s time to slow down time again.  I think getting a little busier is in order.  Wish me luck, it will be somewhat of a challenge.

A task of a different sort will be getting the right form to fill out to change my tax status from single to married.  I hope to get this and fill it out tomorrow.

The next task is finding a few important papers on or near my desk.  They should be in one of the drawers…should be…I will find out tomorrow.

My first physical in several years is coming up in March, I wonder what the results will be…aside from having to lose weight.  Losing weight is even somewhat related to exercise which is related to getting busier.

Posting a video to my personal YouTube channel might be a step in the getting busier department as well.

Instagram and Snapchat could use some attention as well I think.

That is all for this evening.  The day itself was different but still had a nice flow to it.

I  have a couple of things to do after work tomorrow, hopefully these go smoothly.

Bye for now.


3OD Logo.
I am serious about my weekly therapy. http://www.threeolddudes.com

P.S.  I bet you thought I forgot about a video.  Kevin O’Shea aka Busan Kevin aka JlandKev has created a new YouTube channel called LetsLearnStuff.  Here is the first video.




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