Not so super after all…

Superdelegates that is.  Word on the street is that they will fall into line with the popular vote, end of story.  If you wish, you can certainly take a peek at the article that prompted me, a Canadian, to even bring it up in the first place.


There, that is as political as this blog may ever get.

Oh look, a shiny!  It’s none other than the 350 horsepower Ford Focus RS.  Looks like fun, great fun. 3400 pounds is a bit on the heavy side but that is the price of safety these days. Remember the days when 50 mpg was common?  I do, but I also remember much lighter cars that were better left out of any given accident, because crush zones are great…but more mass together with crush zones wins every time.  This is why even ‘economy’ cars these days don’t exactly thrill with their real world fuel consumption.  They are safer than their predecessors, and that is the bottom line.  I was spoiled by my last car, and my current car is mid-size and that is as small as I wish to go from this point onward. (unless it is a car for track only purposes, or that Corvette I happen to be fond of) This safety factor is one reason to keep a newer vehicle…but that doesn’t mean new by the way…you can often save a good amount on a 2-year-old one.  I paid much less than half the list for my current car with only 50,000 kilometers on the clock.  It still smelled new even.

Are you still awake?  I regularly put off people when I talk about cars on the show…but perhaps you are different, so I am going to share with you Al’s latest video.

Al is one of the many friends I have met via YouTube.  He shot this video with his trusty Samsung Galaxy S5.  This was the first time Al attended this event.  I like Al…he even laughs at my silly pronunciation of Ottawa.

Dinner is ready, so have a good night or day out there.


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