Crunchy snow

is nice to slowly drive over, at night, without traffic, in a residential neighborhood, while listening to a favorite song, with no particular place to go, just out for a drive to get out of the apartment, for something to do, that kind of thing, you know what I mean?

It has to be cold for crunchy snow, and it bloody well is tonight.  At least, it isn’t windy out there, my windows are silent for now.  The only sounds I hear come from the television…sounds of brutal combat and death.  Sara is playing Elder Scrolls Online.

Tomorrow’s show link is ready, here it is.

7 am eastern, 9 pm JST.  It is possible that we will discuss future  potential guests, I have a few people in mind…one from Japan, and the other…somewhere we haven’t had a guest from before, a musical kind of person, goes by the name of Graeme.  More information to follow on tomorrow’s show.



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