Hot dogs, the potato chips of the meat world

I think this is a more realistic way to portray them, don’t you.  I know, there are organic ‘all natural’ versions of each of these…but at the end of the day, both are junk food so just enjoy them and move on.  You will die either way, at a time not of your choosing, in a probably unflattering position, with dirty laundry in the hamper and moldy cheese in the fridge.  There must always be cheese involved. Because.

I sit here typing this after consuming my particular poison of choice, the lowly chicken wiener.  I am slowly falling into a trance from which I may never recover.  Just in case I don’t recover, it was nice knowing you, goodbye.

I guess I recovered, so let’s go back to the topic of politics for a brief moment.  Gabrielle recently posted a video discussing the Democratic Party.  Here is a link to that video.

Whoops, that isn’t it…but this could happen at any time couldn’t it.  Meow.  Thanks to Alexander for sharing that one.  Here, this should be the proper video.

Gabrielle is hoping for some discussion with his videos, so go give him some.

This Saturday we may have a new guest on the show, someone that I friended on Facebook as a result of my the phone app updating slowly.  This was some time ago, and I only just very recently asked if he could possibly visit us.  He said this could be arranged.  I mentioned him in a previous blog, Graeme.  I will try to finalize details tomorrow.  I am rather excited by this…but then again I do like meeting new people.  Here is a recent video of Graeme’s recent experiment.

In my stomach, now is the season of discontent, so off to bed it is for the coming attraction, nightmare du wiener.



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