Swing and a miss

While we may not have a predetermined guest tomorrow,  the show vibe may be slightly different as we switch over to an hour from and hour and a half.  More time for the after show that way.

We will of course still dive in each Saturday without a topic or plan, other than securing a guest or two…or three as sometimes happens.  What to talk about tomorrow…we will figure something out.

What have I been watching on YouTube lately, well this…

Now that is my kind of wagon!  It turns out that Daniel of Wasabicars and Mechanical Stig know each other, coolness!  Mighty Car Mods has some very cool videos.  There will be much watching.

I had a good nap, but I must consider more sleep before the show tomorrow so I don’t just sit there and say nothing.  By the way, here is the link.

Happy watching!



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