There was something else…

I forgot to mention that Jake and Charlie had met up in Kyoto for karaoke.  Jake did his first Periscope during which they sang a lovely song to each other while they held hands.  This was to us, those of us in the hangout watching Tokyo Tonight, most humorous.

The next day, Charlie filmed his One Cuppa together with Jake, and here it is…


This is another short one.  The sun today felt like it was at full spring strength, and with the temperature around freezing I was driving with the window fully down.  Last night I saw a guy in shorts on the sidewalk…I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, although we still have some time to go.

One last thing, Saturday, March 12th a band called My Favorite Headache will be playing at the Rockpile here in Toronto.  They are a Rush cover band and Jason (Lead singer) has been inviting me to come to these shows for some time.  This time, Sara and I are going.



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I am serious about my weekly therapy.




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