I guess it was sleeping week.

For today, it is better late than never, having napped after lunch.

Before the show started I was greeted with some scary news, my friend Mully is in the hospital with very high blood sugar.  He will stay there for two weeks, and will be keeping in touch via Facebook and messenger (he lives in Japan).

The show this morning didn’t go quite as planned, but then again this is completely normal, and it was fun and very NSFW.  Here is the link.


The after show was lively and carried right through 2.5 Oyajis.  2.5 featured Texan in Tokyo and they had their highest live viewer count ever, over 500 people.  Here is the link to that show.

This was also fun, and the after show lasted about thirty minutes after this ended.

Tomorrow promises a return to normal, with there being a greater number of steps forward than backward.



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