Disruption does not affect outcome.

It certainly didn’t today at work, it was very pleasant although quite different from the usual day.  It was one for the newspapers for sure.  I still had my lunch break about the same time and finished a little bit early.  That and some positive reinforcement from those I provide a service to rounded out the day.

Staying focused on the goal despite disruptions and obstacles is the key.  How?  There are countless books, courses, webinars out there to choose from.  Finding one that fits with who you are is not always easy.  Having a mentor is probably the very best way to do this. I have been lucky to have several in my life up to this point.  This isn’t to say I couldn’t have used one or two more, but one of my greatest challenges in life was learning how to ask for help.

As a child, if I let you help me do something, you were something special indeed.  If you didn’t fall into that category then forget it, I would figure it out on my own.  I don’t remember where this attitude came from but I paid the price for having it over the years.

Learning how to find a mentor and get them to help you is a whole other ball game, but there are different forms of mentor.  Books written by those long deceased can be mentors, you just have to read them regularly.  Audio versions of books or courses can be very convenient too.   This is where I am starting from once again.  Learning how to filter through the filler to find the gold nuggets in a given book is my current challenge.  One page at a time is the only way I can do it.  I hope to make better progress in this soon.

In the meantime, let’s remember to take some time to relax.  Here is a video from Diego and Reina.  I am just getting to know them at this point, and they were introduced to me by Jerry of Golden State Saga.

For me, I feel a nap coming on, with hopefully a bit of reading first.

Good day to you,


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