Double Show this weekend

There will be two shows, one at the regular time of 7 am eastern Saturday morning, and one Sunday, probably at 7:30 to 8 am eastern…which would be 10 pm JST.  Sunday’s show is in place to allow Victor “Kanto Kitsune”  or “Fox” to join…Here is a video he made about five months ago.

We will see how it goes, I just found out Jason is doing a show Sunday and we wouldn’t want to run at the same time.

This will be discussed tomorrow, and the results will be posted here…sounds official…^_^

Those of you in my general vicinity will know about the Thousand Islands Tour…Emily Louise Maitland went on a 99 Islands Cruise in Kyushu.  Take a peek.


That’s about it, you may notice I don’t talk about work to often….but it was a very pleasant day.

Bye for now.


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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