AC anyone?

It was on in the car, I was burning up.  Perhaps I should have removed my jacket before driving home…

There seemed to be a great deal of positive reinforcement at work today, maybe the warmer weather made it a little easier.

So far you may be thinking “I waited two days for this?”  Yup, you did.  I have been waiting too, to engage the final stage of moving forward…which would be reading based on what I want to learn.  This doesn’t include stories/news/articles that I read on FaceBook although there is some learning that goes along with those things.  I would like to finish Arnold’s biography and a  book called Scarcity – Why Having Too Little Means So Much by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir.  There is a pile of books (both physical and digital) that are waiting for me.  Might there be any stacks of books waiting for you at home that are of a similar nature?

There is something that has been made available to everyone at work.  “1000’s of e-learning professional development modules accessible anywhere”.  I will be logging into this site after this is finished.

Here is a video, if it posts here that I watched on Facebook…it contains a few smiles.





That is all for this evening,

Good night.


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