As one thinketh, so they are

What have you been thinking lately?  Garbage in garbage out, as it goes day in and day out.

What are your sources of inspiration?  Do you have any?  Do you enjoy what you do, or are you miserable?  I find my days at work quite pleasant, but this was not always the case.

What changed?  My perception is what changed.  It was my choice to take pride in what I do.  Nobody can do that for you, you have to do it for youself.

I was lucky, I learned that from my grandfather.  There were times I forgot that, and frustration and misery followed.  You need to find a good source of positive that you can put into your life every day.  Negativity is easy to find, as you surely know.

If you see your brain as a cup of coffee, that darkness is the negative.  You can’t change it overnight.  It only takes a single drop of something positive every day.  Just a drop.  Can you do that?  If you skip a day, you have to start over.  If you are persistant you will find gradually over time find it easier to see the bright side of life.  In the beginning it will be slow going, getting side-tracked will be easy, especially if you tell others what you are doing.  So don’t tell anyone, it’s none of their business anyhow.  Protect yourself first, because if you persist, one day you will find yourself presented with an opportunity to help someone else who was once like you were.

It is important to determine if someone really wants help or just wants someone to help justify their excuses as to why they are suffering in life.  Being able to help someone that wants to help themselves is one of life’s great rewards, and it is addictive.

Learn to be passionate about what you do, it gets noticed.

I’m not going to sit here though and tell you how specifically to do this, it’s different for everyone, and you should know yourself best, shouldn’t you?



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