I was beginning to wonder…

I was sick the past two days, and I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write something.

So, the title.  Last Saturday I shaved off the beard and hair, and something happened…those positive affirmations regarding the service I provide vanished…I was starting to wonder…do I look that different without the beard and hair?

I was worried for no reason, they returned in abundance today.  I even saw someone that I knew even before I looked up at him he was smiling.  It was radiating outward, and you don’t see people like this very often, so he got a wave and a “good morning”.

This weekend’s show is up, our guest will be Graeme, a sound engineer from Scotland.


Night will fall quickly this evening, at least my version of it.  Do you wish a video to watch? I will find one quickly for you.  Here is Mully with some good news.


Goodnight, see some of you in the comments tomorrow!


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