A morning well spent

This Saturday morning was well spent, as are most of them.  The show was great fun, not only with two new guests but a few new people in the comments as well.  If you happen to watch on replay you don’t get to see the comments and you do miss out on things although we have started to read out the comments that we happen to be chuckling about at the time.

The after show was well populated until 2.5 Oyajis came on (this week with TkyoSam, adult rated) where several people drop out to concentrate on that show and come back into the hangout after it ends.  Today the hangout ran from 6:45 am to 2 pm.  Good conversation was had.  The best part is we do a mini version tomorrow to watch Tokyo Tonight together.

Here is a link to today’s 2.5.


I napped then went a little stir crazy this afternoon so I had to go out and get some fresh air…but all is good now.

See you tomorrow (hopefully)


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