A late night hangout

Today started early, and it included a left shoulder ultrasound.  It seems there is a reason for my shoulder pain.

I’m currently in a hangout with Andy and Shaun possibly arranging a trip north to Toronto for Andy in the future. This could be fun!

Shaun is looking at new cars…I remember how excited I was when I bought my first new car.  I probably bought my last new car in 1994 though, unless I begin rolling in cash…and that won’t happen by accident.

There was a question about how a CVT transmission works.  I found a video that explains the basics, right here.


I have one in my car, it is interesting to drive but limited in the amount of power it can transfer.  Quick work is made of green lights, provided you give it a bit of throttle, but it will lug along if you don’t.

Hmm, is there anyone still awake?  People on the show complain when I start talking about cars, so I will stop now.

Time to shut down for the night,

See you later.


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