A bit cool…

It is snowing lightly at this time, but otherwise quiet.

The show was fun, Mandy and Chuck the Magpie made it, as well we had Wynand, Gabrielle, Shae and Shaun.  There was no 2.5 today since it was Hanami in Tokyo today and the party was still continuing when we went live.  The aftershow ran until 12:30.

A good nap then a trip to Vapetime for some e-juice.  Sara has inherited my Steamcrave Aromatizer RTDA as I have the next model so we were able to switch to full VG (Vegetable glycerin) for more vapor.  Sara is very happy with her new tank and she also has my Sigelei 75 watt temperature control box.  I bought thinner gauge kanthal wire to make a build for her that only needs 20 watts to get more life out of a charge.

Near the end of April, our friend Gabrielle will be visiting Toronto and staying the night with us.  This should be fun.

Since I didn’t post last night I will share the link for the show here.


Shaun had good news with a new job that he starts Monday.

Hopefully there won’t be too much snow for the visit to my mother’s tomorrow.

Good Night.


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