A false start…leads to Monday

I started a post yesterday, really, but I figured I would finish it after we got back to my mother’s place.  This obviously didn’t happen, my nap went right through to the morning.

I will start with the link to Tokyo Tonight.

I will follow with the link to Charlie’s One Cuppa.


I was actually in a hangout from six am to 8 am with Shaun because he wasn’t staying up to watch the show but wanted to chat.  I had a little break then at nine am I started another hangout where we watched Tokyo Tonight at 10 and we even had a few new people drop in the after show.  I am a moderator in the chat so I can drop the link there with Hiko’s blessing.  This is how I met Shaun the first time, the Tokyo Tonight after show.

Monday brought a layer of snow and that damp biting cold wind.  Bah, but work was good and my dental cleaning went well, I recently bought a rechargeable Water Pik water flosser and it shows with much-improved gum health.

I met one of the new co-workers today at lunch, he was walking by all serious looking so I said “you look happy to be here”.  This he smiled at and I said being happy is a state of mind if you believe it to be.  He went into the lunchroom but came out a minute later and walked up to me saying I looked deep in thought.  I was, about him, so I elaborated about how I see the job and what is important to do, and what to avoid.  I believe that there may be the beginnings of a friendship there.

I did recommend a book to another person, I hope it is what he was looking for.

Signing off for now,


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