The long way home

An errand caused a blip north before heading back to the parking lot to get the car and drive home.  This put me in the right place at the right time to run into someone I used to see often.  I sat down on the bus near her and said “Long time no see” then “How’s life?”.  I then learned about a recent move, and that this person knows several of my co-workers as well.  I’m not even sure I ever learned her name, but it was nice to chat for the ten-minute bus ride.  The sun shining brightly was an added bonus.

The living room and kitchen are foggy right now, and there is a scent of apple pie in the air.  I wonder if they are also going to ban ‘smoke’ machines that they use in nightclubs and on movie shoots, they are vaporizers on a larger scale after all.

The Kicking Horse Smart Ass blend of coffee beans is actually very good.  A new favorite.

On that note, in order to bring the mornings coffee closer, I am going to bed.



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