Today has been awesome so far…

The show was a great one, here is the link.


The aftershow brought a special surprise, Baye McNeil ( ) joined us.  He happened to like my facebook live video I shot during the after show.  I put a link to the hangout in the comments mentioning that he would be welcome to join and he did.  I have been looking forward to meeting Baye for some time now.

This was a happy moment for me!

Baye wishes to make cigar smoking a memory so I offered to share what I know about vaping with him once he indicated an interest in it.

You may also expect Baye to make an appearance on 3OD. ^_^

Mully was on 2.5 Oyajis today also.  Here is the link to that show.


Time for lunch, and I’m still in the after show hangout.

Have a great day!


3OD Logo.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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