Saturday is here

The show today may be a departure from our normal rolling trainwreck you can’t look away from.  Baye McNeil has confirmed he will be visiting us to talk about his work and his Kickstarter.  Here is the link to the Kickstarter.

Here is the show link.


Today didn’t start off the greatest, but it is coming to a close nicely (Friday that is).

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel…or is it a train running at full speed…I will find out soon.

In case you missed it, Hikosaemon did a special show where Baye read a chapter in his book “My name is Loco, and I am a racist”.  It’s worth watching.


That should keep you busy for a while.  My body is letting me know that rest is required, so off to bed I go.



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I am serious about my weekly therapy.



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