A few updates

There were a few shows this past weekend, Remiko joined us on 3OD which I will put here.


Sunday brought Tokyo Tonight right here.


And finally, a series I have been looking forward to, Episode One of The Joy of Japanese Business.


I also  recently found out that I positively influenced a co-worker, James had this to say.

“Rob inspires me to put myself out there and not worry about what people think.”

Seeing this felt pretty damn good.

There have been a few sales of personal items, namely my bicycle and my Amiga computer. I would have preferred not to do this but it was necessary.  I’m pretty sure there will be further items in the future put up for sale, especially once I did into the closet.

I was looking forward to putting a computer together on Sunday, but satisfaction was not to be found.  The motherboard refused to send power to the USB ports or send a video signal to the monitor.  I have never had any difficulty with this company before, and it is under warranty so I will finish it up next weekend.

I’m looking forward to visiting Ottawa in just over a week. If all goes well I will get to meet in person three more friends I have met via YouTube as well as visiting Gabrielle.

Victoria day is drawing to a close,

Bye for now.


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