Thursday was Saturday.

This is how it seemed to me at any rate.  I was at a computer store with Gabrielle in Ottawa, and I was convinced it was Saturday afternoon.  I wondered why it wasn’t too busy.

I left for Ottawa Thursday morning at 6am.   The drive was nice except for my encounter with a traffic circle in West Grenville.  It had been raining and as I started turning the back tires suddenly let go…then the stability systems got involved…a few eyebrows were raised…and the car came to a halt rather sideways, but only for a split second as I was still interested in leaving the traffic circle.  So I left it.

This happened simply because a sign for a famous eatery lured me in.  The eatery in question was nowhere to be seen.  So I went to the bank instead, since it was beside the traffic circle.  Bank, eatery, what’s the difference anyhow?  I was already sidetracked.

Banking done, I walked into Staples…because it was across from the bank you know…so I could buy a pop…and a pen, I had forgotten to bring one, you never know when you might need one even in this day and age.  I prefer the Parker T-ball jotter refill so the choice was easy.

I once again got into my vehicle and continued towards Carleton University to meet up with Gabrielle.  Getting to the city limits of Ottawa is easy, but things change once you are in the city…at least I saw a sign that said welcome to Ottawa quite some time before Google brought me to the University.

I found Gabrielle, who doesn’t drive so wasn’t sure about the parking situation, and together we discovered where I could park.  Good thing I stopped at a bank for some toonies for parking.

Gabrielle took me for a tour of the University grounds, and after purchasing a grilled cheese we headed over to Canada Computers to find some computer speakers.

Google maps is quite helpful and informative, the driving routes can be unexpected to a local resident sometimes, but you get where you’re going.

Upon our return to Carleton we discovered the speakers DIN plug had a bent pin…but the store offered to exchange it.  We returned to the computer store on the way to downtown where we were going to meet up with Tammy, Hikkipedia (Emily) and Justin.

None of us was quite sure of which establishment we wanted to host our meet-up. Gabrielle and I wound up at Byford Market after a drive by the Parliment buildings.


We found parking for both us and the car then informed Emily and Tammy of our location.

This was our view as we sat on a bench.


Emily and Tammy arrived in short order and we started walking while deciding where to eat.  We soon decided on a pub with an outdoor patio and sat down to chat and eat.  Justin wasn’t able to make it at the last minute, and I was rather looking forward to some comedic jousting with him.

Hopefully Justin can make it next time, and Sara too.

Here are a few pics of us, first Gabrielle, myself and Emily.

more good times

and one of the previous photo’s photographer Tammy with the rest of us…a quad selfie if you will.

Good times

We had a great time shooting the breeze, in a like-minded fashion and the Sheppard’s pie I ordered was delicious.  A little Guinness together with a coffee to wash it down and it was time to start heading back to Toronto, that is after I dropped Gabrielle back at the University.

The drive home, once I actually made it to the highway was smooth and uneventful.

The whole day will be considered full of awesome, and this accurately describes how I am still feeling a day later.  I can only imagine the overabundance of positive emotions that Simon has experienced visiting Japan to meet some of our friends over there.

Thank you social media for being the vehicle for this all to take place.


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.

P.S. Tomorrow’s show link is right here.


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