It was time to change

The title of this blog.   It isn’t as though nothing is happening in my life.

There are potential new friends on the horizon, people that I would like to include in my social media family.

If you ask me where I am going with this I don’t have a specific answer.  I’m not out to sell you something.  Or am I…

I would like to sell you on the idea of learning how to have a positive effect on a person through kindness.  I am sort of partial to this concept.

No, I am not offering courses.

But, I am thinking and feeling that this would be rewarding to do.

So I searched Google….how to positively affect another person through kindness.

This result looked interesting,

Those side effects are something I can live with.

I do have a loosely defined end goal in mind, without being entirely sure how I’m going to get there, but I do know I won’t be reaching that goal alone.  I hope to take as many people as possible with me.  I hope that you will be there too.


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I am serious about my weekly therapy.



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