The Secret Collaborative Economy

It’s a book that I recently purchased by Marsha Wright.

I must first say that my biggest challenge currently is reading…quality reading that is.

I will sit and read countless articles or posts about current events…but something to help me grow in the direction I wish to head, and I have a good solid stack to go through, I have difficulty getting going.

I have read most of the first chapter of The Secret Collaborative Economy.

I have a strong desire for making new like-minded friends and helping them do the same.

This energizes me, and I do it as the opportunity arises.

This feels like the direction I should be heading with my life.

Now I do have a job I enjoy doing, and a very good pension that I can start taking in less than four years.

I don’t plan on sitting around watching the world go to work.

This is why I have purchased this book and follow people on twitter that are involved with social media, start-ups, entrepreneurs, personal/business coaching, inspirational or motivational teaching.

What have I done so far after reading what I have read?  I am part of a YouTube weekly chat show and guests are a part of that.  We (Simon-founder, Dean- co-host) enjoy visits by people that we wish to build friendships with.  In this respect the show is successful.  So, for last week’s guest I put in much more thought and time than I have before.  It seemed to result in a better quality show, bearing in mind that our number one rule is to have fun.

I also believe that a new friendship has been formed, and I am quite happy about this.  Our guest in question I have known of for several years but just recently is making a comeback on YouTube.  I am sure that finishing her PhD in education was the reason for her absence.

I asked her (StarletShay on YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram) if it had ever been suggested that she may be good at spreading joy.  It had not, and this was not something I would have thought to ask before reading some of The Secret Collaborative Economy.  I just have that feeling and belief that Shay has a gift for it.  This suggestion seemed to be taking well judging by her latest video.  I will link it here…


What does this have to do with business?…Probably a great deal if building lasting relationships is a requirement to success.

I believe it will be critical to my future endeavours, even though I am not entirely sure yet exactly what I will be doing.  Money isn’t even on the consideration list…but having many friends to love on is.

I hope this helps you to understand why I bought this book, even though I currently have no formal business established.  I do want to contribute something to this movement.

May your day be awesome!



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