Day two

Hi, this is the second day of The Secret Collaborative Economy ( twitter DM event.

As stated yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I could offer, but I did say the following.

I sit here thinking what do I have to offer.

I am untrained for the most part.

I have, however, helped more than one person believe in themselves enough to take action to expand their horizons.

I helped a former girlfriend go from someone that needs a tour group to travel with to someone that can plan her own trips to the smallest detail..which resulted in her lengthy visits to India on a shoestring budget.

I helped a self-professed shut in reach out and embrace more of the world available to him.

I helped a Political Scientist believe in herself and her abilities enough to begin to compose music and join the Tokyo Digital Crew (found on youtube and soundstream).

I am friends with the founder of that.

This is what empowers me.

I believe in people, and I am guilty of loving on them relentlessly.


3OD Logo.
I am serious about my weekly therapy.

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