Facebook and the End of Democracy

Brad Fraser's Blog


By Brad Fraser

I’ve been banned from Facebook again. This has been happening with increasing frequency over the last couple of years.

Initially it was the “Dood of the Day” feature that seemed to offend the complainers the most. Although the photos used for the popular feature were racy, they never showed naked genitalia. After being shut down again last September for a mildly risqué shot, I discontinued the Doods as it was becoming too easy for the offended to target me based on these photos. I figured giving up some eye-candy to continue my social/political commentary was bullshit, but perhaps necessary.

Then I got banned without having posted a “Dood of the Day” in months.

Suddenly Facebook’s arbitrary and arcane “community standards” took on a much darker tone.

When banning me for the month Facebook included two pages of postings and photos that…

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