A long time in the making…

I’m sitting in a dentist’s office, notice I didn’t say my dentist’s office, waiting on a friend.

I’m reviewing in my mind the first time I found someone on YouTube that I not only could relate to but was accessible as well.

Mark is his name and he is no longer active on YouTube, but his videos live on.

I remember all the nice comments he would leave on others channels, and this encouraged me to check these channels out myself.

One of these channels was Golden State Saga.

After I subscribed, Jerry sent a message thanking me for subscribing and asked if I could make a video about work.

I posted it the next week.

Eight months later Sara found it during a boredom driven search on YouTube.

Two years later we were married.

Today is Jerry’s birthday.

How about heading over to his YouTube channel and wish him a great one. http://www.youtube.com/user/goldenstatesaga

That is all, there was more but I fell asleep waiting for my friend, and that is okay I wanted a nap anyhow.

Bye for now,




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