How I tweaked my perceptions to make work a pleasant way to spend the day

Ok folks,

I’m going to lay it out right here for you, just exactly what I did to make what I did for a living a very pleasant way to spend my day.

This is a tall order for some of you to accept that this is even possible, but I did it.

So let’s get down to business.

I divided up my duties into smaller tasks so that I could measure my performance of them separately.

For what I used to do, driving a subway train, this was quite easy.

These tasks are the sort that provide instant feedback as to how well you performed them.

I won’t list the tasks separately as that might be construed as telling you how to operate the train.

So, I had these tasks divided up, then what?

I have a habit of taking pride in whatever I do, and the separation of these tasks let me easily determine how well I was performing.

Because if you do one of them wrong, everybody knows it.

You do one right, and you know it.

This simple method allowed me the opportunity to take pride many times per station, and this added positive energy faster than life circumstances could drain it.

I really did turn it into a pleasant place to be, busy or not, because I knew I was doing my job in a way that I could be proud of.

I took care to be aware of the interval between my train and the train behind as well, so I knew when to increase my efficiency, using the station information monitors.

I chose to believe that transit control is my partner in delivering efficient, effective service.  I know some believe that they are out to get you.  It may be true that they watch some like a hawk, and it is generally based on past performance that they do so.

Thinking this way, that transit control is there to work with you, and you communicate with them expecting this from them, will help avoid the negative pit of despair.

If you expect the negative from control, passengers will pick up on this and decide that you are the best person to complain to.

95% of the interactions I had with passengers were positive.  You can never please everyone, that’s just life.

I had the best passengers, but since I retired, you can have some of them.  They are quite observant and aren’t shy about sending some positive energy your way as they pass by.

All these little things, altering how I perceive my actions and interactions with control and passengers, added up to major pleasantness each day.

I did these things for me, and I benefited greatly as a result.

I can’t recommend this method highly enough.

There are many different ways to earn a living, and this concept can work in most of them.

The best part is the immediate feedback of each part of your tasks, whatever they may be, and no one needs to know that you’re doing this.

It’s better that way because we all have that friend that we value that keeps us honest, that means well, but in this case please know you are doing the right thing for the right reason, so no criticism is required.

If anyone has any questions about this, you can choose a time and I’ll join you in a Zoom meeting free of charge. Here is the link to book a time, it let’s me work it into my schedule.

May you all have a pleasant day,

Robert Olddude.



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