Let it go

I used to be a hoarder you know.

I attached sentimental value to almost anything.

Dumping well sorted boxes produced unpleasant emotions.

It is much better now, although I do get so involved in my journey that I still manage to collect a great deal of stuff.

This also includes directing my attention in ways that are draining.

I asked for and got some advice recently from Bradley Chapman and Robert J. Moore, both very accomplished travelers on the same path I find myself on.

I was unsure of which direction to take as a fork in the road had appeared.

There was a choice of two paths, one to the past, although it was well disguised, and one to the future.

Strong emotions were also present.

Bradley and Robert both encouraged me to let the one path go, the one that lead to the past.

They offered experiences from their past to let me know that this fork was really very tiny compared with things they have been through.

It was an easy decision to make, with their help, for which I continue to be most grateful indeed.

And recognising the value of this advice I took to heart allowed me to go out and do what I do best, I’ll just call it spreading that love.

Living in gratitude, and reaching out to others does energise me, and it allows me too see see better opportunities engage with like minded individuals.

I met one Mr. Charles Betterton as a result of an impromptu Facebook livestream on Sunday evening.

Charles reminds me of my uncle Art.

I am suspecting there is a highly developed sense of humor residing just below the surface. ( I love incorporating humor into any aspect of life I can, it is so powerful for breaking down walls and sidetracking hostile emotions. )

Charles’s smile makes me feel like he is my uncle.

That, for me, is a very pleasant feeling, and I did what I could to generate more of them.

So, letting go of that which isn’t helping you on your journey.

Doing this allowed me to focus on living in the moment, and I came though the weekend wrapped in warmth and well rested.

Be well,




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