Choices, Thoughts?

Affiliate link thought one

Good Morning you early risers,

How has the journey been going for you?

It’s been a bumpy ride over here, bumpy but exhilarating.

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How do you feel about cell phones?

Mine helps me be there for one of my friends.

Zoom Cloud Meetings run very nicely on it for those times when I need to do something local but has a coaching call.

There are no games in my phone.

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The apps in my phone are useful for my business or personal life.

I have not yet had a smart phone that has lasted the length of my contract.

My first smart phone was a Motorola Atrix, the into model.

I worked great for just over a year.

I seemed to go nuts, and not even a factory reset helped.

It turns out it didn’t like me answering phone calls on it.

I had that you break it/lose it/have it stolen we replace it warranty.

For the 150 deductible.

I think the deductible is now somewhat higher…and the battery in my S7 Edge is certainly barely up to a nights standby..from full charge….after one year.

Think of this page as a call to action of sorts.

The Huawei P20 pro is tempting me away from the Galaxy S9+.

That Sony the Bell is offering is also tempting.

I made this page to see what it would look like with affiliate banner links

Front and center.

Because the spacing represents how many days before I begin looking yet again.

I will add one more because I enjoy comparison shopping.

Stay who you are, one step at a time.


Affiliate link thought 4


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