Hi Empire Kred friends

Hey y’all, I simply forgot to add my facebook fan page to Empire when I made it. The face that the connection had to be renewed soon brought that to my attention. So where to now? My quest for friends to love on is progressing nicely. The question now is, what can I package and […]

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I’m back?

Hey, how are you? You doing good? Making changes in your life to move forward? I’m not talking career-changing moves although if that’s what’s happening, I wish you the best of luck. I had in mind small tweaks to your perspective, to see your life in a different light. It only costs a little time […]

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Doing something.

For me, it’s spreading kindness through friendships. It seems this comes naturally to me, although I have had some help along the way.  Dale Carnegie lays out the basics for anyone to read. Dale Carnegie lays out the basics for anyone to read. I’m not exactly sure what this will grow into, but I have […]

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Preparing for the show.

The invites are all out I believe, and the short ad for this Saturday’s show is up.  Just a few minor details to take care of, on of which is making sure we don’t run into 2.5 Oyajis. It was brought to my attention that I don’t talk much here about how much I have […]

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A morning well spent

This Saturday morning was well spent, as are most of them.  The show was great fun, not only with two new guests but a few new people in the comments as well.  If you happen to watch on replay you don’t get to see the comments and you do miss out on things although we […]

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