More calls to make

I will have some more calls to make, one to the ministry of transportation and the others to within my company.  I generally forget about these by the time I’m finished work, and I just remembered I have to call another company tonight.  I’m not used to using my phone to make actual phone calls […]

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A morning well spent

This Saturday morning was well spent, as are most of them.  The show was great fun, not only with two new guests but a few new people in the comments as well.  If you happen to watch on replay you don’t get to see the comments and you do miss out on things although we […]

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I was beginning to wonder…

I was sick the past two days, and I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write something. So, the title.  Last Saturday I shaved off the beard and hair, and something happened…those positive affirmations regarding the service I provide vanished…I was starting to wonder…do I look that different without the beard and […]

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I feel a nap coming on…

So I better write something before I miss another day. Friends, I love making them and being one.  I have found that sometimes proportioning time gets a little tricky, though.  I am one of those people that will take up where I left off with someone even if years have past like it was just […]

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AC anyone?

It was on in the car, I was burning up.  Perhaps I should have removed my jacket before driving home… There seemed to be a great deal of positive reinforcement at work today, maybe the warmer weather made it a little easier. So far you may be thinking “I waited two days for this?”  Yup, […]

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