Death of a washing machine

It started out with a slightly odd repetitive sound. One might have thought that two people were in the bedroom affirming their love for each other. Then it became louder. Then LOUDER. Then the frequency increased. We put it out of it’s misery. R.I.P Samsung washing machine, it was a good run. It’s now time […]

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One way I’ve made friends

You just never know. It could happen anytime. The opportunity to begin a friendship. Friendships to me are something to be greatly treasured, and also to be carefully shared with others to create even more friends. I have several tools on my belt that I use to make new friends. One of the most important tools […]

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Hi Empire Kred friends

Hey y’all, I simply forgot to add my facebook fan page to Empire when I made it. The face that the connection had to be renewed soon brought that to my attention. So where to now? My quest for friends to love on is progressing nicely. The question now is, what can I package and […]

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I’m back?

Hey, how are you? You doing good? Making changes in your life to move forward? I’m not talking career-changing moves although if that’s what’s happening, I wish you the best of luck. I had in mind small tweaks to your perspective, to see your life in a different light. It only costs a little time […]

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Taxi driver’s tip to stay safe: “The one thing you should say if you run into yakuza”

Originally posted on SoraNews24:
When one of our Japanese-language reporters stepped into a taxi the other day, the driver suddenly turned to him and asked, “Sir, do you know what you should say if you have a run in with some yakuza?” Our man was a bit taken aback by the sudden question out of…

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