Week two of my Master Key Journey

Greetings, There are many new names to learn, and I finally have a three hole punch together with ink for the printer, hurray! Mark wasn’t kidding about changes in behavior. My mother certainly noticed. I certainly noticed. I can be completely wiped out, but when an opportunity to be uplifting appears, the turbos kick in, […]

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Choices, Thoughts?

Affiliate link thought one Good Morning you early risers, How has the journey been going for you? It’s been a bumpy ride over here, bumpy but exhilarating. Affiliate link thought 2 How do you feel about cell phones? Mine helps me be there for one of my friends. Zoom Cloud Meetings run very nicely on […]

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Let it go

I used to be a hoarder you know. I attached sentimental value to almost anything. Dumping well sorted boxes produced unpleasant emotions. It is much better now, although I do get so involved in my journey that I still manage to collect a great deal of stuff. This also includes directing my attention in ways […]

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Win in 2018

Good day to you, I’ve been away from here for some time now. Much has happened. but this isn’t why I’m writing at this moment. My friend Jibreel explains how to set yourself a proper New Year’s resolution. Don’t set resolutions? Do you set goals? Has it been working for you? Perhaps you will also […]

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Letting go

Hi, I’m going to cut right to the quick here. I heard someone I respect say that if you can learn to let go of material possessions, you will find it very liberating, and it will help you to be more genuine when you offer your services. This was pondered for a day then I […]

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